Running; Legend; Mia Sara

Yesterday I went for a 5k run around Willen Lake. It was cold but rewarding and while my time was OK, it would be fair to say that my training so far in January has just been maintenance, nothing more.

I need to do some 10k runs soon and up my training (work/stress permitting) - let me know if you want to join me! Annoyingly I managed to pull a muscle in my back after that, so I’ve been walking like an old man all weekend - very frustrating!

Aside from some Minecraft playing with Lara, Amy & I have had a quiet weekend recovering from our respective injuries.

While the weekend quickly receded, we watched an old Ridley Scott film, Legend, with a practically teenage Tom Cruise and the lovely Mia Sara - whom I definitely harbour a “dad crush” on. (Turns out she’s a writer now  too). Not sure I’d recommend the film - Ridley Scott should have stuck with sci-fi.

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