Alex Hansford

Hello, I’m Alex Hansford

I’m passionate about delivering great experiences on web and mobile. I’ve managed projects on web and mobile  for almost ten years.*

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I've got a lot more experience than just project management - whether it's business, technical, design-related - I can help.

Read more about my opinions on: managing and consulting; mobile development; user experience; information architecture and more.

Varied clients

I help companies create engaging, creative and best-practice online and mobile experiences.

I've helped many companies, big and small, across many sectors and a couple of charities too.

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I've decided to put my thoughts on Google+ (when I have time for them!), feel free to explore and add your comments. If you don't have time for that, here's some links I recommend or just just 'grind my gears'.

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* Oh, and I rather like this tartan too!